Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Storm Of The Year

In case anyone's interested, here's an article about the October snowstorm. The photos are from locations 5-10 miles from here. The baffling thing is that the storm dumped up to 15 inches of snow in some places, and then nothing but rain in others (like here).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow And Turkeys

I woke up this morning to the sound of turkeys ululating, and snow whacking the windows. It's usually not a good sign if the Winter Wench shows up in October.

The temperature must have dropped considerably overnight, as it was raining buckets when I went to bed, but turned over to thick, wet snow by morning. None of it stuck; the ground is still too warm, but the weather service is calling for up to 6 inches of snow in the higher elevations.

Our house isn't exactly in a “higher elevation”, being just to the south of the Pocono Mountains. However we're wedged in a valley between 2 mountain ranges, so the wind and cold are funneled in between like a flash flood of frozen air. Hence the snow whacking the windows.

The turkeys are another story. We live in the country, so there's an endless array of critters motoring through the backyard. This time of year the wild turkeys come out squawking and waving their wings at the crack of dawn. I assume this is some kind of mating ritual - but I would've thought they did this in Spring, not Fall. Maybe they're Australian turkeys.

It's always the same 3 birds, all puffed up. They look like the Rat Pack. Frank, Sammy and Dean crooning to the ladies in wild turkey speak: Bluhualuhluh.... Bluhualuhlurp.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Off Topic

Yes, I'm off topic again. Maybe I'll spread more into the "miscellany" area on this blog.

The brilliant Mr. Gaiman has a new book out. It's called "The Graveyard Book", and you can watch him read each chapter here. Love the way he does the character voices. Highly recommended.

The book is currently available at Amazon here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paris Hilton Is Not My BFF

Has anyone else heard of this shallow piece of crapola currently running on MTV? (Yes, this isn't cosmetics or skincare related, but it's annoying and needs to be mentioned. We'll file this under miscellany, then. Or maybe I'll create a new category and call it “crapola”.)

My teenage daughter and I found this accidentally; MTV being something teenagers gravitate towards – God knows I did, waaay back in the early 80's. “Video Killed the Radio Star” and all that. As a side note, I lost all interest in MTV, as did many others of my generation, once MTV got away from actually showing music videos, and instead began airing shite.

The premise of this show has a dozen or so young ladies (and one or two man-ladies) vie for the position of “Best Friend” to heiress Paris Hilton. They're given tasks each episode, like the one I watched where they had to create a commercial for Paris' products, and rat on each other for being “most fake”. Which is intrinsically hilarious. The most fake? On a show like this?

I realize the whole point is to get the most outrageous people to be on this show, otherwise it might not be, well, interesting – for lack of a better word. I assume these characters are playing it to the hilt for points and attention; as with any game show. This isn't, or shouldn't be, real life.

After watching a few minutes of this program with my daughter, my initial reaction was to tell her it's garbage and to watch something else. Instead, I think I've managed to use it as an example of what not to strive for in life.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life On Mars American Style, Again

I considered writing a full review on the second episode of Life On Mars, but decided against it. This reinterpretation is good; I even suspect it'll be a success. I know I shouldn't keep comparing it to the original.


There are so many pieces missing from the new version: the bartender, the test pattern girl, the messages over the radio and television, the subtlety.....


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zits !

Okay this is gross and cool at the same time. TotalBeauty has some excellent videos on everything from new makeup looks to my personal favorite, zit zapping:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Life On Mars: UPDATE

I went back and watched the first episode of the British Life On Mars. Wow, what a difference. There were so many little things that I forgot about, especially the ending scene with Annie's friend the psychology dude, and Sam on the roof of the police station. For some reason, I thought this occurred in a later episode. In the American version, Raimes is the modern day killer (with a twin) copying the original 70's killer. In the British version, the 70's killer was both - the lapse in the crimes being when he was in psych hospital, and then beginning again once he's released. The neighbor Raimes was only writing in his journal about killing, in order to emulate the killer who lived next door.

The dialogue and the acting in the original series is phenomenal. I get the feeling Hollywood thinks it needs to dumb down the dialogue and keep the plot moving quickly, or they might lose the attention of us slow-witted, action-addicted folk. Like the scene in the original with the bartender. Does he know Sam is in a coma? What special knowledge is he privy to? He seems to know something - and that draws us in. What about the test pattern girl on the television, who speaks to Sam throughout the series? These subtle pieces missing from the new version are what made the original intriguing.

In the original, John Simm relays the emotion and the feeling of near insanity at being back in 1973 in a way I just did not see in the new series. That, along with the fact that Harvey Keitel is simply too old and short to play Gene Hunt. Gene Hunt is supposed to be a man of about 45, tough guy, and tower over Sam.

The new show wasn't bad, just not the same quality. It was like seeing a wonderful Broadway show with the people who originate the roles - all the great actors - then going to see the same show at the local playhouse theater. Good show, just not the same. However, I understand that the writers/producers received permission to take liberties with the whole “coma or time travel” thing, so it's bound to be somewhat different.

Like I said, I'll definitely tune in next week, but mostly to see how the rest of the series is interpreted, and where they go with the plot.

Life On Mars American Style: Travesty Or Treasure?

Just a quick one here......

Anyone see the premiere of Life On Mars last night? I've been dreading this one for months now, since I am a HUGE fan of the original British version. I was fairly certain Hollywood would manage to ruin this show, but now I'm not so sure. There have been several travesties in the recent past when attempting to adapt British shows to American television. Coupling and IT Crowd to name a few. Somehow they got lucky with The Office, which is now a huge hit - but the humor just isn't the same.

The first episode followed the British version almost exactly - even down to some of the lines, camera shots and music. I found myself wondering, "Why don't they just run the original then?".

Obviously, they revised some of the story to fit America, like the NYC setting, standard use of handguns by the police, and the term "cell" versus "mobile" - just to name a few. The most impressive being the opening scene in 1973, where Sam Tyler finds himself in an empty lot, and the camera pans up to show the Twin Towers still standing. (The original takes place in Manchester, and Sam finds himself in a lot with a huge sign advertising the new highway to be built.) Call me a sap, but it did give me chills, and wasn't cheesy.

The ending was slightly different, but not hugely so. Based on the previews for next week, it appears the second episode will also be quite similar to the British version, if not nearly identical.

I'm actually looking forward to the next episode. In the meantime, I'm breaking out the British Life On Mars DVDs and watching the originals again.

Even if this show is a hit, NO ONE could compare to Phillip Glenister as Gene Hunt. He is the coolness :)

Let me know what you think!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Granny Glasses, Or Why 40 Sucks

I will be 40 years old this week. Yay me. This sucks because I don't feel 40 years old. Maybe 30. Definitely not 20, but that's mainly because I don't remember how 20 feels, since I am so ancient now.

I tried to dismiss the upcoming event, but was thwarted by my eyeballs. For a few months now, I've been unable to read the back of the aspirin bottle. Or fine print. One of my dearest friends who had the pleasure of turning 40 before me, happened to mention that “things happen” when you hit forty. For instance, your eyes suddenly decide they do not want to see anything up close anymore.

So when my husband asked me for the date on my watch, I had to own up to the fact that I had no freaking idea what the date on my watch was, because I couldn't see the damn thing. Sure, I could tell the time, but that tiny little date? No way. It was cautiously suggested I try out a pair of “reading” glasses the next time I hit the grocery store. I have now marked my decrepitude with a brand new pair of granny glasses. See photo above.

In fairness, they're not that bad and definitely help. I may look around for a more stylish pair. Like ones with flames on the sides to match my walker.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nicomide Me

Grrr. My pharmacy tells me my Nicomide is on backorder, but they have no idea when they'll get it. Apparently there's a problem at the supplier. (You may recall I wrote an article a while back about cystic acne, and how I benefited from Nicomide .) I emailed Sirius/DUSA Labs, the maker of Nicomide, asking what the problem is and received this response:

from: CS-Inbox
to: me
date: Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 10:43 AM
subject: RE: Sirius Labs Nicomidemailed-by:


I must say, I was very impressed with how quickly they responded. Good service there. However, I did some digging on the internet and found the info the lab sent me is actually from a press release in July, which can be found here:

How crap is that? I really don't want to go back to topical creams or tetracycline.

It would be awesome if this was an over the counter vitamin. Wishful thinking though. Well, I guess we're high and dry til the FDA meets with the pharmaceutical company and a decision is made. In the meantime, it's pizza face time.