Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paris Hilton Is Not My BFF

Has anyone else heard of this shallow piece of crapola currently running on MTV? (Yes, this isn't cosmetics or skincare related, but it's annoying and needs to be mentioned. We'll file this under miscellany, then. Or maybe I'll create a new category and call it “crapola”.)

My teenage daughter and I found this accidentally; MTV being something teenagers gravitate towards – God knows I did, waaay back in the early 80's. “Video Killed the Radio Star” and all that. As a side note, I lost all interest in MTV, as did many others of my generation, once MTV got away from actually showing music videos, and instead began airing shite.

The premise of this show has a dozen or so young ladies (and one or two man-ladies) vie for the position of “Best Friend” to heiress Paris Hilton. They're given tasks each episode, like the one I watched where they had to create a commercial for Paris' products, and rat on each other for being “most fake”. Which is intrinsically hilarious. The most fake? On a show like this?

I realize the whole point is to get the most outrageous people to be on this show, otherwise it might not be, well, interesting – for lack of a better word. I assume these characters are playing it to the hilt for points and attention; as with any game show. This isn't, or shouldn't be, real life.

After watching a few minutes of this program with my daughter, my initial reaction was to tell her it's garbage and to watch something else. Instead, I think I've managed to use it as an example of what not to strive for in life.


shasha said...

Hey - Thanks this posting, I now know the correct spelling of crapola! I always thought it had two p's... I've seen line-ups for this show in my tv guide and assumed is was about Paris and Nicole... Sounds more like Flavor Flav's Flavor of Love, although with that show, it was so outrageous that once you started watching, you couldn't stop. Remember the episode where the one girl crapped (notice how crapped has 2 p's, I am very thankful for on the steps? And then Flav told her she was unique and that was a good thing?

Obviously there is an audience for this rubbish.

Jen said...

I just hate to think there's kiddos out there that think this stuff is what life is about. I actually saw a worse show last night. Something called "My Super Sweet Sixteen". ARGH. Excess. Excess...
You just don't think about these things til ya have kids :)

Jen said...

Also - I do remember that Flavor Flav show. Wow, I had forgotten about that one. It is weird how you just. Can't. Stop. Watching. Pulls you in.

Also Part 2 - we need more poo jokes on this blog :)