Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Bad Wolf

I had to work last weekend.

Fifty other dorks and me, babysitting a software release.

They don't let us cover it from home, like a normal 21st century company. Nobody really trusts that new-fangled whooziwotzit called VPN anyway, right?

Either that, or they just don't trust their employees to actually log in and work.

Now that I think about it, that's exactly the reason.

As a silent protest, it's practically an unwritten rule that everyone dresses as grungy and disgusting as possible.

So I crawled into the office around 6am, and Boss was waiting.

"You look like you just rolled out of bed!"

I was sporting my battered Bad Wolf Corporation sweatshirt - hood cut off, and sweatpants. It may also have had mustard stains. At least I think it was mustard.

"Yeah, well...I did. I figure if I have to work over the weekend, you get my makeupless, greasy-haired, unbathed self." I have no shame.

"That's not very professional...."

"Hey, at least I combed my hair. Pradeep's still got his Star Wars jammies on. Seriously, go check it out. I think he's even wearing bunny slippers."


Spokey said...

Bad Wolf Sweatshirt!

How Cool! Where ja get that? They have Torchwood ones too?

Jen said...

I got it at Last time I looked, they had a bunch of Doctor Who stuff, including Torchwood. The "Don't Blink" shirts with the weeping angels are pretty cool too!

Spokey said...

thx. I'll take a look. Didn't like Blink the first time I saw it. But I saw it again a couple months ago (NetFlix streaming) and liked it better this time.

I had missed the part in my first looksee that the Dr was given the journal at the end but he didn't know who they were or what it was because it hadn't happened to him yet.