Thursday, March 17, 2011

On Top Of Spaghetti

Last night, we brought home the newest member of the family. His name is Meatball:

Apparently his "fetch" mechanism is built in. He wiggles and bounces everywhere.

He's a two month old Papillion puppy, and the funny thing is, his marking and coloring is almost identical to Leo's.

Meatball is only going to grow to about ten pounds, so Leo will still be bigger. So far we're working on housebreaking. He's had a few accidents, but a few successes as well. It's to be expected. He cried a little last night, but only for a few minutes before passing out.

Leo is taking things slow. He's not sure what to make of his little brother yet.

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Cheryl Cayemberg said...

That is an awesome video!!! What a cutie pie! You need to see if you can eventually get a picture with Meatball (love the name) and Leo in the same shot. Their markings are so similar!