Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It was so foggy the last few days, I'd swear we were living on the moors. Today it didn't burn off till way into the afternoon:

At least now you can see the mountain in the distance. Before, there was nothing but low cloud, and it looked like the forest ended in oblivion.

Went to the doctor (again) for my quarterly sinus issues. I begged for something else to address my allergies. I also begged for them to find an answer to my prolonged fatigue, reoccurring pains, hives, and other assorted weirdness.

I don't want a major disease, just a reasonable explanation for this nonsense. Nobody can tell me definitively if it's menopause - or something else. If it's just old age, hell, I've got a real crappy future ahead of me.

So off I go tomorrow for more blood work.

In the meantime, it's antibiotics and Nasonex for the sinusitis and allergies.

Anyway, they converted over to computers at the doctor's office. An appointment that used to take fifteen minutes takes at least a half hour or more. But now there's print outs! I get a little packet of printed shizz summarizing my visit, along with all the blood work referrals.

It made for good reading when I got home. Hmmmm. Isn't this interesting....it also gave me a summary of my temperature (low grade fever), heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, height, aaaaaand wait for it.....

…..weight and BMI. Fuck.

When I first got there, they weighed me. I told them I didn't want to know, and faced the other direction.

That's me, the big pink ostrich with it's head in the sand. I figure if I don't acknowledge an actual numeric weight, I can continue to delude myself into believing the dryer is shrinking my jeans.

Yes, I know. I said I was doing low carb and everything was glitter and rainbows. It was. For about a year. I must have lost at least 20 pounds. Then five minutes after posting my “isn't low carb awesome” rant, I hit the wall. Hard.

I swear I gained ten pounds within a week. I wasn't doing anything different, it just happened.

So back to my health summary and discovery of my actual numeric weight. Just....ugh. I haven't weighed that much since I was eight months pregnant with my daughter.

Which came first, the severe fatigue or my fat ass? I just don't know.

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