Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That Smelly Smell That Smells Smelly

Salads are good for you. Mine stink.

I need more vegetation in my diet, so salads are a good choice. Roughage, as they say. It's not that I avoid my veggies, but I don't go out of my way to eat them either. If they're on my plate with dinner, great. However, you won't find me sitting at my desk munching on carrots unless I'm desperately dieting.

Anyway, I prefer the Bag O' Salad. This is usually called something like “Spring Mix”, “Baby Lettuces”, or “Tender Shoots Of Unidentifiable Green Things”. You know, the kind of weird lettuce that resembles a clutch of leafy weeds from the back yard.

Then I add blue cheese, cranberries and some kind of wine vinegar. My daughter says it smells like poo. Or sweaty feet.

Well that's the nature of blue cheese, isn't it? Contains mold, smells disgusting, but tastes fabulous.

In other news, something that doesn't stink: Mini Weetabix.

Wegman's just started carrying this in Choco Chip. We picked up a box and loved it. They're like little fiber-sponges that soak up the milk. With nutty little things in them. And! Chocolate! With Fiber!

If you eat it fast enough, it stays nice and crunchy. So basically, not kid food. If you don't eat it within 10 minutes, it turns into fiber-soup.

Yay for a healthy colon!