Sunday, February 14, 2010


When did English class become “Language Arts”? Why must there be a separate class for “Reading”?

When I was in school (back in the Dark Ages), it was called “English Class”, and included diagramming sentences, identifying dangling participles, as well as reading literature.

I've voiced my concern about the quality of our schools before. It's not going downhill anymore. It has now crashed, broken at the bottom of the hill, headfirst in a snowpile.

My daughter has an assignment to do a book report. The teacher wants the students to draw several scenes from the book, and put it together in picture-book style. She wanted them to do the picture-book as if they were making it for a first grader. Those were her exact instructions. It was on the assignment handout sheet.

This is junior high school. They're using crayons and glue for book reports. Way to prepare them for college!

I'm not alone here either. The Gormogons did a very nice job summing it up here.

Want to hear the best part??? My daughter came home with a list of vocabulary words to study and use in a sentence. One of these words was “vagabond”. You want to know how the teacher was pronouncing it?


What is that? Super glue for the hoo-hoo?

So, all you ladies out there, have a Happy Valentine's Day, and don't forget your VAJ-a-bond!!


Spokey said...

thanks for the chuckle. When I saw the title, I thought "that doesn't look right".

For the other 50% of us, let's see what the teacher does with bail-bond?

I never did get the hang of diagramming sentences although I always did enjoy drawing the lines.

Jen said...

Glad to make ya laugh!
I never liked diagramming sentences either. As a teen, I never thought it was going to be useful. I can't remember the last time I needed that skill :)

PantomimeHorse said...

I can think of another word that starts with "vag" and has a soft "g" and it makes me wonder what was on this teacher's mind...

Jen said...

Actually, it was a female teacher (not that it means anything these days) but I think it was just general stupidity. I see a lot of that with this school district.