Thursday, March 25, 2010

Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand.

Atlas Shrugged.

Go read it.


Spokey said...


Bought it about a month ago. Haven't cracked the cover yet because I'm going through A Patriot's History of the US first and it's almost as thick.

Read Anthem and got part way through Fountainhead as a kid but never this one.

Re-reading Animal Farm is on the agenda too.

Jen said...

It's really pertinent to what's going on these days, sadly. Hubby's been reading it and giving me the overview. I'm looking forward to reading it next.

Christian Prophet said...

We need to keep asking people to read Atlas Shrugged, not only because of Rand's accurate prophecy, but because she gave the solution to today's problems. See "Ayn Rand, 20th Century Prophetess:"