Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What A Gorgeous Day!

Had the day off, and went hiking on the trails behind the house.

There's still a considerable amount of snow, but many areas were starting to clear.

Saw lots of deer trails, both muddy and snowy.

Click to enlarge:

Oddly, we found a midden heap we never knew about. After poking around on the internet, it looks like most of these bottles are from the early 1900's. Too bad the jam jar is broken...according to the interwebz, it could be as old as 1895.


PantomimeHorse said...

You should keep some of those old things you found, especially the bottles. I knew someone who used to sell things like that on eBay and he made a lot of money.

Jen said...

I brought back two, just to see if I could get them clean. Tough part is getting the inside crap-free. We might go bakc out and see what else we can find :)