Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not Now Cato !!!

In my last post from March, I believe I made the statement “Meatball is only going to grow to about ten pounds, so Leo will still be bigger”.


He's four times the size of Leo.

He looks like a Miniature Collie with elephant ears.

If he didn't have those official papers, I'd swear he was a mutant sheepdog.

He's the biggest Papillion in the universe.

Giant Papillion. GP, for short.

GP and Leo still have their daily wrestling match, usually with Leo getting his bladder stepped on by a moose, and the dog getting his neck chomped by vampire kitty. Lovingly of course.

The cat usually instigates it. He launches himself off the windowsill like a flying squirrel, and rides the dog halfway into the kitchen before GP shakes him off.

Those are my boys. Cato and Clouseau.

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