Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Spider of Spring 2012

The First Spider of Spring is always the one that scares me out of my skin, because it always shows up somewhere completely unexpected.

Over the years, I've had several memorable ones:

The basement tarantula, whose leg hairs I lightly brushed when I hit the light switch.

Some kind of crab-like spider on the ceiling, directly over my head. Just.....yuck. They lie perfectly flat til you try to squash them, then they become 3-D again and run faster than anything with eight legs should.

This year's was extra special. Apparently this spider was mildly retarded, because it emerged from around the sink, and immediately decided this was the best place to set up camp. It's little spidery brain thought the ceramic dish with a wet sponge was good digs for catching tasty snacks, apparently. It wasn't until Hubby sent it into the afterlife that I realized I should have taken a photo.

So here's my crappy artist's rendering:

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