Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, Chris Christie tells it like it is: Don't Be Stupid.

Granted he's referring to the barrier islands in NJ, but it's looking like we're all in for it. PA will probably get high winds, lots of rain, flooding and power outages, for sure.

We prepared over the weekend, and I'm working at home - at least til we lose power.

So now we wait.


Spokey said...

We've had some wind so far but not much rain. But I've got the bathtub full of water, hardboiled the eggs and checked that my supply of PB was adequate (just barely, I'm down to 5 jars!). So I'm set.

Several years ago, shortly after my oldest got married, we were being threatened by a similar storm. She told her husband that they had to fill the bathtub. He couldn't figure out why and she told him because the electricity might go out. He apparently wanted to know where the toilet was plugged in.

After she related this story and I stopped laughing, I was kind enough to explain that if you have city water, your toilet would continue to work but she had grown up in a house with a well that at best gave you two flushes if the electricity went out.

JenB said...

That story is hilarious!

Hopefully you won't get hit too bad. I'm planning to use the impending power outage to catch up on sleep. Zzzzz.

But before I do that....I should go fill the tub. Thanks for reminding me!!