Tuesday, January 8, 2013


With the cold dry weather, we've all been suffering from the lip shrivels. Lip balm of all kinds is a hot commodity around here, but apparently I need to start buying it in bulk.

Last week:

“Mom, I ran out of Carmex. Can I use yours?” asked Daughter.

“Are you kidding? You're my daughter and we've probably got the same cooties, but that's a really great way to get the flu. Still, I never used mine so it should be germ free. If you absolutely have to, go ahead and take it – it's in my makeup case.” I offered.

“Meh...I guess I can wait.”

The next day, the lip stuff is still in my case. When opened, it looks...lopsided. “Well, I must have gotten a defective one. “ I thought, then proceeded to use it.

Fast forward five days.

“Mom, my throat is killing me. I used the flashlight to look at it, and there's all these white patches...”

“Let me see.” I said.

Oh boy......and such lovely white patches too. Daughter's tonsils were covered with what looked like cottage cheese.

Also, there was something tugging at the back of my mind.

That tugging was the Hippocampus Gnome*, trying to jump start my short term memory. Unfortunately, my perimenopausal brain wasn't having any of it. Yet.

“Um. Yuck. That's looks like strep throat. Or at least, that's what it looked like the last time you had it. I'll call the doctor tomorrow morning.” I said.

Then I remembered.

Along with that memory came the odd itch at the back of my throat.

“By the way, did you use my lip balm?”

Daughter's eyes grew large, “Oh my God! I'm so sorry ...but I didn't think I was sick then!”

“I believe I told you to just take it, not use it then put it back. Ugh. Well, I guess we'll both be out of commission for a while. Thank God tomorrow's Friday.”

*Thank you Terry Pratchett.

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