Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dogs Are Weird

Or maybe it's just our dog.

I think he's a cross between a Papillon and a Border Collie. His ears are huge, he's considerably larger than any Papillon should be, and tends to "herd" us. But he's a very happy dog...

...and an oddball. He'll have a perfectly good bowl of kibble or soft food, yet he'd rather go outside and eat everything he can wrap his dog-lips around:

Those clods of grass that fall off the mower
Dandelion puffs
Rabbit turds
Stink bugs
Dried worms on the driveway

I've read it's either an attention or boredom thing, or a massive case of pica. I'm leaning towards attention/boredom because he probably needs some longer daily walks.

With his interest in eating/attacking nature, I wish he'd get a taste for spiders. It's disgusting, but at least I could get behind that weirdness. Also, this was on the porch last night:

That sucker is about three inches across. I guess spider season has begun.


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