Saturday, May 18, 2013


OMFG John Hurt as The "Forgotten" Doctor ! I can't wait for November when they run the 50th anniversary special.

p.s. River Song !

p.p.s. Can we please have a spin off for Madame Vastra and Jenny already!?!?


Spokey said...

I'm not a big Hurt fan, but he is OK.

But what kind of Dr would he be? Probably kind of like Hartnell. I guess Hurt needs a job now that Merlin is closing and even if it didn't, the dragon is dying of old age.

And the 50th anniversary is BS anyway. They're ignoring the 12(?) year hiatus.

Don't think the spin-off would work. They've had several. I think the only one with legs was The Sarah Jane Adventures. I don't think there is enough character development with them to do it. I think the Sontaran has had the biggest development so far.

JenB Brown said...

I'm not a huge Hurt fan either, I just thought it was neat the way they played it. Especially since I wasn't thrilled with most of the episodes this season, so this one was the better of the bunch and it surprised me. I figure he's supposed to be the Time War doctor, the one just before Eccleston in the new series. But yeah, they are ignoring the break in the series.

Spokey said...

Hopefully the link to the NYT works here. Smith is leaving:
‘Doctor Who’ Star Matt Smith Is Leaving the Series

JenB Brown said...

It's really too bad. I liked Matt Smith's Doctor. I think he did a good job. It'll be interesting to see who gets it next. One British actor that springs to mind is Adrian Lester. He was very good in Hustle, and can do quirky:

Apparently, his agent was contacted at one point last year about it. Still, most likely they'll pick an unknown like Smith.

Moffatt's a pretty good judge of character, so I'm sure he'll get someone good.