Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life On Mars: Take 4

I've written about the new, American version of Life On Mars here, here and here. I have to admit, it's improving. Besides, I'm reliving my childhood with all that early 70's music. Dug out all the old T-Rex that I hadn't listened to in years. Forgot how great they were.....and it still holds up today. Good stuff in both the original and new versions.

In last Thursday's episode, Sam Tyler meets his mother in 1973. The story is very similar to the original British episode. There were small changes, but nothing that really impacted the story. The oddest thing was that they renamed his mother. In the original, she was Ruth Tyler. In the new one she's Rose Tyler. I sort of cringed, suspecting a Doctor Who connection. A bit of googling found that it was, actually.

Overall, I'm giving it a B+.

The ABC website for Life On Mars can be found here. The original BBC production can be found here.

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