Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ant Deo

Yesterday, my mailbox was filled with ants and ant-eggs. Nesting in my mail.

I heard the mail truck around noon, and I retrieved the mail about a half hour later. I opened the box to find several envelopes covered with swarming ants clutching their eggs in hysteria.

I've found all kinds of things in my mailbox, from bees to frighteningly large spiders. This was a first for ants.

It's also very strange that all of the ants were on top of the mail.

As I said, I went to get the mail about a half hour after the mailman delivered it. Somehow, in that short time frame, a nest of ants appeared. If they were there prior to the mailman showing up, the ants would, at least mostly, be UNDER the mail. I think.

After being completely icked out, I whipped out the Raid Ant Spray and coated the mailbox inside and out. And myself. The wind blew back the spray and I got hit as well. Has anyone else noticed that Raid smells perfumey? In an overpowering, gagging, kinda way?

Took a shower. I still couldn't get the Raid smell out of my head. It seemed to be everywhere. Then I realized it was my deodorant.

Lessons learned:

1) My mailman apparently delivers ants, along with the mail
2) Degree deodorant “shower clean” scent smells just like Raid Ant Spray.