Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome Back To Hell

I'm baaaaack. Like a bad cold. Or the swine flu.

I figured I'd give this another shot, this time with a wider range of topics and general rantiness.

I've changed up the site as well. Less pink and perky - more cranky.

On that note...

Today was worse than a Monday – which is exactly what happens on a Tuesday, after taking a mental health 3 day weekend. I managed a complete meltdown long before I caught up with the 300 emails in my inbox.

My company has a “relationship” with a certain store. When there's a problem, our “relationship managers” open a work ticket to us (IT Department) to investigate the issue.

I've told these “relationship managers” time and time again to open these tickets to our group, not directly to ME. The reason being, if it's assigned to me and I'm not in the office, nobody will work on it. Everyone else in my group will assume I already know about it – simple right?

So invariably I come back from vacation only to find 50 emails from the dumbasses, who are freaking out because the ticket they assigned to me hasn't been worked on (obviously), and they failed to actually read my out of office message.

Of course, they escalate this to Herr Manager the morning I returned from vacation. So now he's yelling for a status on an issue that I've had not five minutes to review – and apparently being out of the office is not an excuse.

I need another mental health vacation.

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