Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm so tired of sensationalized news. At this point in my life, I pretty much don't believe ANYTHING written by the main stream media.

This particular story is annoying me because it's misleading, among other things:

Topless photo could cost Prejean pageant crown

1) She's not topless. Side-boob doesn't count.

2) Even if she was topless, who cares? How does that make her unChristian?

3) Apparently she was 17 when the photos were taken. Well then, why wasn't the photographer arrested on “Peter File” charges?

4) 10 points for a dumbass career move (hasn't she heard of Vanessa Williams?). Also, awesome lack of guidance on her parents part.

5) Last time I checked, this country still had free speech. She voiced her opinion. The left may not agree with it, but she's entitled to it.

6) Can the we stop beating up on Christianity already? The MSM preaches tolerance for every other religion, except Christians.

7) Who else is really, really tired of this story??

UPDATE 05/07/2009

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of not being able to avoid this story, I happened across more articles that insinuate there are more photos of this woman, that are actually topless. And it seems she may have taken them herself at 17.

I haven't been able to find an article that definitively backs that up, but since this non-story is getting really boring, I didn't try that hard either.

If it's true, then it just proves dumbass theory #4 above.

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