Sunday, December 27, 2009

Russell T. Davies......WTF???

Which is what I was thinking the entire time I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The End Of Time Part One, last night.

In summary:

The Master is dead.

The Master is resurrected.

The Master is dead again. Maybe.

No, he's definitely still alive. With a flashy Skeletor head, electric jazz hands, and can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Oh, and he's got meat cravings. Including people-meat. Like a zombie Time Lord on crack.

Then some homeless people discuss how Obama is going to save the world economic crisis. Overnight!

The Doctor is chasing The Master! The Master gets away.

Hey it's Donna's Grandpa!

Hey didya hear that Obama is going to save the world economic crisis. Overnight!

The Doctor chases The Master again!

The drums! They're real!

Some EVIL dude and his daughter have an EVIL machine that needs some fixin'.

Hey, EVIL dude wrote a book.

EVIL dude kidnapped The Master and is forcing him to fix the EVIL machine.

The Master looks awesome in that straightjacket.

The Doctor and Donna's Grandpa will save the day!

Ooops! Sorry......The Master got free and is using The EVIL machine to change every human on the planet into a copy of himself.......WTF????

Donna's brain is burning up, and, oh yeah - it looks like the Time Lords are back, and they might possibly be EVIL as well.

Part One ends......

I've been dreading this episode, afraid that it'll be too contrived, or just completely fizzle. So far, it ain't lookin' so hot.

I hope next week's episode will redeem this mess.

Let's do the time warp again?


Spokey said...

I thought Donna's grandfather died? Forget when. Maybe it was the wrong turn episode that got unwound when Donna2 got hit by the truck and made Donna1 turn left. Anyway, I'd swear he was dead. Maybe he is a a secret TL and regenerated!

Oh well, I don't get BBC America (assume that's where you saw it). I'll see it in 2042 when it comes on SyFy.

Jen said...

He's still alive....the guy playing him is a really good actor - he was the best thing about End Of Time Part One. Geez, I hope it gets better :)

Spokey said...

Yes, I like him too. He is kindly but the kind of old curmudgeon I am aspiring to be.