Monday, June 1, 2009

Here Comes Trouble

We've Leo-proofed the house, but it's surprising how much trouble something so small can get into.

The little squirt's been investigating every single corner of the house. Bouncing. He doesn't toddle anymore, just runs full speed or bounces.

If there's the smallest crevice anywhere, he'll try to stick his head in it. 10 points if it's got wires.

He even managed to scoot under my desk sideboard, a space of about 3 inches high. There's now a fat Linux book jammed there now. I knew I'd find a good use for that old manual.

In other news....

Yesterday, I finally bought some veggies for the garden. Normally, I plant them in late April or early May, but we've had such late frost (I had to scrape my car windows just last week), and if it's not freezing, it's pouring down rain.

I planted 2 tomatoes, a jalapeno, chili pepper, basil and rosemary. And it dropped to freezing temps again last night. It's June 1st for criminy's sake!! We shouldn't have any temperatures below 50!

Still, the plants look okay this morning. Thankfully it's sunny, and the high should be around 72.

I'll have to wait for the end of August for those delicious, home grown tomato sandwiches!