Monday, June 8, 2009

What Weekend?

I'm recovering from a non-weekend.

I cleaned house on Saturday, then had an install for work that evening. Since the only time you can make changes to an application is off hours, I didn't sleep much.

I knew I'd be working at 2am. I tried to catch a few hours before that, but for the first time in forever, I was wide awake. Probably nerves, since it was a high visibility change. So I stayed up til 2am, had a pot of coffee, and worked thru til 11am the next day.

You'd think I'd be ready to sleep, right? Nope.

Maybe it was too much coffee, or maybe I just expected that dreaded phone call from our command center telling me servers were in flames. Either way, I didn't get back to bed til 10pm last night.

It's Monday and I still feel like crap. You know you're getting old when it takes several days to recover from an all-nighter. In my twenties I could do that, no problem. Now, not so much.