Wednesday, June 17, 2009

President Kills Fly, MSM Thinks It's News

CNN Headline:

Fly bugs Obama, so he coolly smacks it

Why is this news, and why is it on the front page of, no less?

Where's the outcry from PETA about fly abuse, and why aren't they proposing humane ways to euthanize insects?

I think CNN could've spiced up the story. It would've been better if they reported he gave the smack down to some bad guys. Like maybe he was out getting a Slurpee, interrupted a holdup at the local 711, then used his mad karate skillz and laser-vision to apprehend the thieves.

It's not like the media's interested in ethical reporting anyway.

So what's the verdict here? Was it intended as a human interest story, a goofy "hey look how tuff he is on flies" story, or just more MSM sycophantic infatuation?