Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kitteh's Day Planner

6:30 am – Wake up. Walk up and down on The Master. Check Mommy's breathing. Stuff head up nostril. Burrow under pillow. If all else fails, do this:

6:31 am – Locked out of bedroom. Whine, attack door.

6:35 am – Head downstairs, use litter box. Play with toys. Play with poo.

7:00 am – FRESH KIBBLES! Inhale half, knock over water bowl. Play in water.

7:30 am – Relax on couch.

8:00 am til 10:00 am – Have a spaz attack. Beat up on mousey, chew on mommy's arm, attack television, run across dining room table, jump up on countertop, pull paper napkins onto the floor. Shred.

10:00 am – Nap on Mommy's lap.

10:30 am – Move to couch. Power nap.

1:00 pm – KIBBLES!

1:15 pm – Window time. Stare at birds, squirrels and deer in backyard. Show them who's boss.

1:30 pm – Nap.

3:00 pm – TOYS!

3:30 pm – Visit Master in lair upstairs. Climb chair, hang over Master's shoulder and watch him work.

4:00 pm – Nap.

5:00 pm – Time for Mommy to quit work. Launch self onto keyboard.

5:30 pm – Sit forlornly in front of food bowl until Mommy gets soft food. Help get can from fridge. Get stuck in fridge.

6:15 pm – Help with dishes. Lick every exposed surface in dishwasher.

6:16 pm – Dry self off after getting wet from squirt bottle.

6:30 pm – Climb front window. Sit on top half of pane and glare at neighbors.

7:00 pm – Nap.

10:00 pm – Spaz Attack Part 2: The Scratching Post. a/k/a – Kitteh The Billy Goat:

11:00 pm – Follow The Master and Mommy to bed.

11:01 pm – Climb bookcase, launch self onto television set, hop over to dresser. Knock over cologne bottles, shred papers.

11:02 pm – PLAYTIME! Attack Mommy's hair.

11:03 pm – Attempt to look cute. Roll onto back, paws up. Bellyrubz??

11:04 pm – Pass out on Mommy's head.

Thanks to my Sweetie for giving me the idea for “Kitten Day Planner”!